Your Girlfriend’s Comments During The NFC/AFC Championships

  • “I thought the Cardinals were in St. Louis. Is St. Louis in Arizona?”
  • “That McNabb guy has a big butt.”
  • “Those Coors Light commercials don’t make any sense. Why would the coach answer those questions?”
  • “I thought you said Matt Leinart was on one of these teams.”
  • “That guy in the truck commercial is an asshole.”
  • “Philadelphia deserves to win because it would suck to live there.”
  • “You really don’t see that many black guys named Larry.”
  • “You promised you’d switch over to Bravo during the commercials.”
  • “Which guy did you say would draw me a picture of Jesus?”
  • “The Eagles coach should get his cholesterol checked.”
  • “I had a class with that guy in college. He scratched his crotch a lot.”
  • “THAT’s who Kendra is going to marry? He can’t even catch.”
  • “We’re never going to have to live in Pittsburgh, right?”
  • “That Big Ben guy’s helmet doesn’t look big enough.”
  • “Does long hair make you better than everyone else?”
  • “What did you mean when you said you thought it would be a Pennsylvania Super Bowl? None of these teams are called Pennsylvania.”
  • “That Whacko guy should really do something about his eyebrows.”
  • “I know you don’t like Two and a Half Men. You don’t have to tell me it sucks every time they show a preview.”

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