Employee Leaves 'I Quit' Note Disguised As Mac Alert

Whether leaving on good terms or bad, people have used all kinds of techie ways to share the news that they're quitting, from posting YouTube videos declaring their departure, to Tweeting out their leave on Twitter.
This staffer created a notice designed to look like a Mac alert, then tweaked the wording to make it more situation specific.
See it below:
The wording reads:
The designer you treat like s--t has quit unexpectedly.
Your company and other employees are not affected.

Click Renegotiate to discuss terms for new contract. Click HR to find out how badly you f--ked up.

The note was apparently found on "the company computer after he left," writes TheHighDefinite.

Businessman spends £350k to visit every country on earth in record time (just don't ask to see his snaps)

He spent £350,000 to visit every country on earth in the shortest time possible and thereby earnt himself a mention in the Guinness Book of Records - just don't expect to be thrilled by his pictures.
While businessman Kashi Samaddar, 55, dodged bullets and bombs in some of the world's more unstable countries, and lived to tell the tale, his photographic skills are somewhat wanting as these two examples (below) demonstrate.
Kashi Samaddar poses in Greenland
Globe trotter: Kashi Samaddar poses for a bizarre picture with a local and a pram in Greenland
Mr Samaddar with a friend in London
That'll be London, then: Mr Samaddar with a friend during his visit to the British capital

He began his epic journey to 194 countries with a visit to Holland in July 2002 and finished his mission in Kosovo in May of this year - six years, ten months and seven days later - with plenty of drama along the way.
Mr Samaddar, an Indian national who now lives in , said of his trip to : 'The hotel where I stayed in Kabul was blown apart an hour after I left my room.
'I have travelled through regions with bullets flying thick and fast all around. It's a miracle I didn't get killed.
'In East Timor, I stayed without food for three days and had to pay a local lad a few hundred dollars for some bananas.
'In , my flight was cancelled eight times and I had to overstay for one-and-a-half months.'
Palm lined beach on the Cook Islands
Missed opportunity: The kind of photo Mr Samaddar could have taken on his visit to the Cook Islands
Considering his feat the snaps he took along the way are a touch underwhelming, many of which feature him in offices and hotel lobbies instead of at top tourist sights.
On his trip to there are no shots of Big Ben, , or . Instead, Mr Samaddar's souvenir picture is of him standing inside a white office cubicle with a friend.
His photo from the Cook Islands reveals nothing of the country's white-sand beaches or lush vegetation, but shows him sat with friends at a patio table.
And, in a more bizarre turn, his Greenland shot shows him standing on front of a cabin with a baby's pram to one side and a local cheerily raising a can of drink to the camera on the other.
Panoramic view of London along the River Thames
London calling: There's more to the capital than the inside of an office cubicle
The idea for the trip began in 2003 when Calcutta-born Mr Samaddar was left stranded in Johannesburg, for two days because of visa problems due to his nationality.

As an act of defiance, the businessman promised himself he would travel to all the countries in the world, using his life savings to do so.
Luckily he had an understanding wife, Barnali, who even accompanied him to more than 70 of the countries he visited.
The globe trotting adventurer was determined to complete the whole trip using his Indian passport - despite opportunities to adopt Australian and Canadian citizenship - as he wanted to prove an Indian could travel the world.
He also wanted to highlight the difficulties some nationalities encounter obtaining visas to enter countries - a problem he is very familiar with.
'The most difficult visa to get was Moldova, which took me almost three years with many rejections,' he said.
'The problem isn’t with big countries like , England or places in , a lot of the time it’s smaller countries who don’t know what they should be doing.'
According to Guinness World Records, any person attempting the trip must take public transport such as scheduled flights, buses, trains and ferries to arrive in countries.
The record-breaking authority also defines visiting a country as 'setting foot within its border'.
It is not necessary to remain in any country for any length of time - perhaps this could go some way to explain Mr Samaddar's opportunistic photos.
As a result of his trip, the Indian national has set up the Travel, Tourism and Peace Initiative, which provides travellers with advice on what documentation they need to enter different countries.

Monk’s curiosity delays flight for 7 hours

The passenger seated at 12-A in Air India’s flight no IC-727 to Yangon, a Buddhist monk who happened to be a first-time flyer, had no idea that simply fiddling around with the safety clutch will cause a seven-hour delay for his fellow passengers here on Monday.
The 135 passengers onboard were strapped in and ready for take-off when the emergency alarm went off.
A curious passenger, seated next to the emergency exit had pulled the safety clutch just as the doors of the flight were being closed, said Air India spokesperson Pulok Mukherjee.
“Since he pulled the safety clutch the emergency window opened and the emergency bells rang,” Mr. Mukherjee said.
According to the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) guidelines, the passengers had to be de-boarded and a thorough check of the aircraft conducted, he added.
The flight, initially scheduled for 10 a.m., took off at 5 p.m. only after all safety drills were conducted, he said.
“The occurrence of such a situation is rare, but what can you do to prevent such a thing? How can we control it if a passenger sets off an alarm by mistake?” Mr. Mukherjee said.

Amy Winehouse Butt Implants

Has Amy Winehouse signed up for a “bum deal?” According to new reports, the troubled singer is so pleased with her new 32D boobs that she is thinking of having them enlarged again. Not only that, Amy’s also considering purchasing butt implants!
A source told The Sun: “Amy loves her boobs. She can’t stop touching them and showing them off to friends. She says she feels womanly again and wants to be more curvy like she used to be. She thinks by having another op and bum implants that she will achieve her dream pin-up look.”
Amy Winehouse

Oral sex 'common in bats'

Fruit bats regularly engage in oral sex, according to groundbreaking new research published in Science magazine.
Short-nosed fruit bats. Fellatio common among fruit bats, says research
Fruit bats, getting fruity Photo: PLoS ONE
The study found that more than two-thirds of female short-nosed fruit bats (Cynopterus sphinx) performed fellatio on their sexual partners, and that they were rewarded with longer bouts of intercourse as a result.
Previously, the only animals known to carry out oral sex – apart from humans – were bonobo chimpanzees.
However, the study, by Libiao Zhang and his team of biologists from Guangdong Entomological Institute in China, found that female bats were enthusiastic fellators, with 70 per cent performing oral sex on their mate during intercourse.
Science magazine reported: “Both sexes groomed each other during courtship. But then came the shocker.
“After the male mounted the female from behind, she bent over and began licking his penis.”
The research found that the longer a female licked for, the longer the intercourse: on average, a second of fellatio gained six seconds of intercourse. On average, mating lasted four minutes for fellators, twice the average of non-fellating females.
The researchers could only speculate why the females would want longer-lasting sex. They suggested that it could be a way to improve the transport of sperm, or to keep males away from rival females for longer.
Frans de Waal, a primatologist at Emory University in Atlanta and an expert on bonobo chimpanzees, said: "The finding of fellatio in bats is exciting news."
He went on to say that animal oral sex may be more common than we realise, but researchers’ prudery has prevented this fact becoming known. He said: "Part of the reason fellatio is rarely mentioned is shyness about this issue."
Paul Vasey, a behavioral scientist at the University of Lethbridge in Canada, said that there could be evolutionary reasons for fellatio, and that the fruit bat discovery could allow scientists to test it. He warned, however, that the bats could just be doing it for fun.
An MPEG of the bats is available for the curious here.

Brit pupils see live sex show in Bangkok during cultural trip

London: A school in Britain has suspended two teachers after it emerged that some pupils watched a live sex show, while on a Far East cultural trip to Thailand.

The students of Bingley Grammar, West York had apparently visited Patpong red-light district in Bangkok.

The parents learnt about the visit only after one girl posted pics from the trip on her Facebook web page.

A particular snap shows the students aged 16 to 18, and the two teachers sitting around a table littered with beer bottles outside a Bangkok bar.

Now, it has also come to knowledge that later the pupils headed to the city's red light area, whose streets are lined with bars offering sex shows.

Seemingly, the development has created a buzz in the school.

"It is the talk of the school. The teachers, a man and a woman, are fighting for their careers over this because the youngsters were supposed to be in their care," News of the World quoted a source as saying.

The insider added: "They are claiming that the kids did not drink or smoke although that's not what the pupils are saying. But the worst part is that some of them went to the live sex show.

"The kids said it was disgusting, with couples there on stage having sex in a grotty bar. The teachers are claiming it was a mistake and as soon as the action started they left. But that is at odds with what the kids are saying.

"I mean, the Patpong area is not the kind of place where you go by mistake. It's completely in your face and wall-to-wall sex."

Meanwhile, head teacher Chris Taylor revealed that the school, with the assistance of Bradford Council, has initiated an inquiry.

He said: "A potential concern has been raised about activities during the trip. We are treating this with extreme seriousness.

"We will take appropriate action at the investigation's conclusion. It is inappropriate to comment further."

‘Foetus’ removed from man in Manipur

Imphal, Nov. 7: A team of surgeons removed a 6kg foetus-in-feto from the abdomen of a young man at Imphal’s Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS) during a three-hour operation today.
Foetus-in-feto, known as peratoma in medical parlance, is lodged inside the patient at birth and develops as the child grows.
The condition of 21-year-old Abujam Suraj Singh, a resident of Kokchai of Imphal West, was stable, doctors said.
“The operation lasted three hours and we successfully removed the foetus. We suspect the object to be a foetus-in-feto. Only a laboratory analysis will confirm this. The patient is stable,” Ng. Javan, who was part of the team of surgeons, said.
A team of doctors is closely monitoring the condition of the patient.
Senior surgeon L. Joykumar Singh led the team of surgeons who conducted the operation.
Doctors said the patient was admitted to the institute on November 2 after he complained of a swelling in the abdomen.
A sample of the growth removed from him was sent for a biopsy and the report is expected in three or four days.
Doctors said such cases had been detected in the past but were very rare in medical history.
It was the first time such a foetus was removed in Manipur.
“My son complained of pain when he was working in a private company in Pune about one year ago. I advised him to come back for treatment. He was treated at the Down Town Hospital of Guwahati and came home last month. All the investigations were carried out at the Guwahati hospital,” said the father of the patient, A. Narahari, a farmer.
A large number of people gathered at the male surgical ward of the institute where the patient is kept after the news spread that a man had “delivered a child” at the institute.
Javan said the object removed today had barely developed the limbs, face and head of a child.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson loses cool when reminded of rape during live TV show

LONDON - Boxing legend Mike Tyson, who became the youngest heavyweight world champion at the age of 20, showed his bad side once again when he got infuriated during a live TV show.

Tyson was jailed for rape in 1992 and shocked the world when he bit a chunk out of fellow heavyweight Evander Holyfield’s ear during a comeback bout five years later.
Sky News Dermot Murnaghan was quizzing Tyson about his spectacular rise to the top of the boxing pile, but their conversation soured when the spotlight turned to his dramatic fall from grace.
At this point Tyson’s manager Jimmy Clyne, who organised his tour of the UK, stormed out of a nearby room and walked up to the set, where Sky News sports editor Lee Wellings headed him off.
“I had to put my hand on his shoulder and tell him it’s fine, Dermot will keep things under control. He came back to the green room and watched the rest of the interview with a face like thunder,” Wellings said.
Murnaghan’s line of questioning clearly infuriated the former boxing champion, and he snarled: “I was a young kid then. I’m 43 years old and you’re still dwelling on something I did when I was 20. What do you want to get from this interview?”
“I don’t know if I am (a different person now) or not. I don’t want to be the person I was but change comes in time. You’re irritating me now. I guess I did change because I’m not assailing you,” The Sun quoted him, as saying.
“You’re irritating me right now because I feel as though you’re evoking stuff from the past - that stuff is from 15 or 20 years ago,” Tyson said. fter the broadcast, Murnaghan admitted he had felt intimidated by Tyson’s confrontational attitude. (ANI)

Brazil man appears at own funeral

A 59-year-old Brazilian man has surprised his family by turning up at his own funeral, local media report.
Relatives of Ademir Jorge Goncalves, a bricklayer, had identified him as the victim of a car crash in southern Parana state the previous day.
Police told O Globo newspaper that relatives had trouble identifying the corpse because it was badly disfigured.
It emerged that Mr Goncalves had spent the night drinking a rum-like liquor called "pinga" with his friends.
He did not get word of his funeral until it was already happening on Monday morning, his niece Rosa Sampaio said.
She said some family members - including herself and the man's mother - had doubts, but an aunt and four friends had positively identified the body.
"What were we to do? We went ahead with the funeral," she told O Globo.
A police spokesman welcomed the happy ending: "Before long, the walking dead appeared at the funeral. It was a relief," the unnamed officer told the paper.
The body was correctly identified later, he said, and buried in another state.