Russian Masterpieces Animated

Russian animated artworks
This time Russian photoshop artists decided to touch the traditional masterpieces to imagine how they could look like when some more life was added to them to open up the motion behind the classic stills

Russian animated artworks 2
Russian animated artworks 3
Russian animated artworks 4
Russian animated artworks 5
Russian animated artworks 6
Russian animated artworks 7
Russian animated artworks 8
Russian animated artworks 9
Russian animated artworks 10
Russian animated artworks 11
Russian animated artworks 12
Russian animated artworks 13
Russian animated artworks 14
Russian animated artworks 15
Russian animated artworks 16
Russian animated artworks 17
Russian animated artworks 18
Russian animated artworks 19


Passive Aggressive Note Protects Pregnant Wife from Stoners

Poor John in 3A. His East Village tenement is a pretty hip place to raise a family, but gosh diddly darn it, his reefer-toking neighbors sure are harshing his pregnant wife's vibe. So he drew this thorough note to let these burnouts know that when they're watching Dark Side of the Oz pulling bong rips through the night, they're also giving his unborn son emphysema. Of course, from their point of view, they're actually helping that little fetus mellow out inside his mother's already uptight womb. Not that anyone ever leaves them a thank you note for sharing their dank buzz! After receiving this missive, we somehow envision them kneeling down with the bong to shotgun their domesticated neighbors through the crack under the door. [The Luxury Spot via Animal]

Could math help communities manage sex offenders?

A new mathematical model could help communities that are in the midst of passing or reforming sex offender laws quantify risk and address issues of special concern. The model is designed to help policymakers focus on the spatial management of sex offenders and not mere punitive measures.
"A lot of local policies are knee-jerk reactions," says Tony Grubesic, a geographer at Indiana University who helped develop the model. "As a result, communities may actually expose themselves to a net-greater risk than in the absence of a law."
Full story at Futurity.

NY woman awarded $3.5m after doc gives her ‘four boobs’

breast implant
NEW YORK - A woman in the US has been awarded 3.5 million dollars after a botched boob job ruined her life.
Forty six year old Maria Alaimo, from Staten Island, had undergone a plastic surgery in 2003, but it turned out to be disastrous.
Dr. Keith Berman botched the breast lift and augmentation leaving Alaimo in an embarrassing condition known as “double bubble deformities.”
“It appears like there’s two breasts [on each side] stacked on top of each other,” the New York Post quoted Alaimo’s lawyer Michael Kuharski as saying.
The botched surgery had a negative impact on her marriage.
Kuharski added: “She slept in a different room, she’s depressed, she lost her self-esteem. She ultimately pushed her husband away to the extent that he filed for divorce.”
However, Alaimo hopes she will be able to inspire other women like her to come forward.
She said: “I hope this will give other women in the same position the courage to come forward.”

101-year-old woman sprouts horns

Whether she’s nicknamed the “unicorn lady” or “devil woman” (although, unicorn sounds far more desirable), Zhang Ruifang of Linlou, China has created quite a stir because of the horns growing out of her head. A strange growth began developing on the 101-year-old woman’s forehead last year and eventually sprouted into a six centimeter long horn. Now, another growth seems to be developing on the other side of her head. Doctors believe the abnormal growths could be cutaneous horns, funnel-shaped tumors that are most common in elderly people.
Full story and more info at and BuzzFeed.

Woman crashes car while shaving bikini line

Forget texting and driving, the latest danger on U.S. highways is groin grooming while behind the wheel. Cops in Florida busted a 37-year-old woman for shaving her bikini area from the driver’s seat after she crashed into the back of another car while traveling at 45 mph. Eeks, talk about razor burn!
Full story at Florida Keys News.

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