Passive Aggressive Note Protects Pregnant Wife from Stoners

Poor John in 3A. His East Village tenement is a pretty hip place to raise a family, but gosh diddly darn it, his reefer-toking neighbors sure are harshing his pregnant wife's vibe. So he drew this thorough note to let these burnouts know that when they're watching Dark Side of the Oz pulling bong rips through the night, they're also giving his unborn son emphysema. Of course, from their point of view, they're actually helping that little fetus mellow out inside his mother's already uptight womb. Not that anyone ever leaves them a thank you note for sharing their dank buzz! After receiving this missive, we somehow envision them kneeling down with the bong to shotgun their domesticated neighbors through the crack under the door. [The Luxury Spot via Animal]

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