Brit pupils see live sex show in Bangkok during cultural trip

London: A school in Britain has suspended two teachers after it emerged that some pupils watched a live sex show, while on a Far East cultural trip to Thailand.

The students of Bingley Grammar, West York had apparently visited Patpong red-light district in Bangkok.

The parents learnt about the visit only after one girl posted pics from the trip on her Facebook web page.

A particular snap shows the students aged 16 to 18, and the two teachers sitting around a table littered with beer bottles outside a Bangkok bar.

Now, it has also come to knowledge that later the pupils headed to the city's red light area, whose streets are lined with bars offering sex shows.

Seemingly, the development has created a buzz in the school.

"It is the talk of the school. The teachers, a man and a woman, are fighting for their careers over this because the youngsters were supposed to be in their care," News of the World quoted a source as saying.

The insider added: "They are claiming that the kids did not drink or smoke although that's not what the pupils are saying. But the worst part is that some of them went to the live sex show.

"The kids said it was disgusting, with couples there on stage having sex in a grotty bar. The teachers are claiming it was a mistake and as soon as the action started they left. But that is at odds with what the kids are saying.

"I mean, the Patpong area is not the kind of place where you go by mistake. It's completely in your face and wall-to-wall sex."

Meanwhile, head teacher Chris Taylor revealed that the school, with the assistance of Bradford Council, has initiated an inquiry.

He said: "A potential concern has been raised about activities during the trip. We are treating this with extreme seriousness.

"We will take appropriate action at the investigation's conclusion. It is inappropriate to comment further."

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