‘Foetus’ removed from man in Manipur

Imphal, Nov. 7: A team of surgeons removed a 6kg foetus-in-feto from the abdomen of a young man at Imphal’s Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS) during a three-hour operation today.
Foetus-in-feto, known as peratoma in medical parlance, is lodged inside the patient at birth and develops as the child grows.
The condition of 21-year-old Abujam Suraj Singh, a resident of Kokchai of Imphal West, was stable, doctors said.
“The operation lasted three hours and we successfully removed the foetus. We suspect the object to be a foetus-in-feto. Only a laboratory analysis will confirm this. The patient is stable,” Ng. Javan, who was part of the team of surgeons, said.
A team of doctors is closely monitoring the condition of the patient.
Senior surgeon L. Joykumar Singh led the team of surgeons who conducted the operation.
Doctors said the patient was admitted to the institute on November 2 after he complained of a swelling in the abdomen.
A sample of the growth removed from him was sent for a biopsy and the report is expected in three or four days.
Doctors said such cases had been detected in the past but were very rare in medical history.
It was the first time such a foetus was removed in Manipur.
“My son complained of pain when he was working in a private company in Pune about one year ago. I advised him to come back for treatment. He was treated at the Down Town Hospital of Guwahati and came home last month. All the investigations were carried out at the Guwahati hospital,” said the father of the patient, A. Narahari, a farmer.
A large number of people gathered at the male surgical ward of the institute where the patient is kept after the news spread that a man had “delivered a child” at the institute.
Javan said the object removed today had barely developed the limbs, face and head of a child.

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