Muslim doll to teach kids Quranic Arabic

A Muslim doll to help Asian immigrant children in UK to learn Quranic Arabic is set to go on sale next month in Asda, the supermarket chain which retails food, clothing, toys and general merchandise.

Developed by a former Goldman Sachs banker, the 18-inch high soft doll, packaged as "Talking Muslim Doll", speaks various Islamic phrases such as "As-Salamu''Alaikum," the traditional Islamic greeting, "my name is Aamina and I am a Muslim."

There’s also a boy doll called Yousuf, with a mosque which speaks essential Quranic words, phrases and surahs (prayers) and translate the Arabic sentences into English.

"I wanted to create something fun. When I was a child I went to the mosque every day, learnt my prayers and recited them. But there was nothing much fun about it,” the Telegraph quoted Farzana Rahman, the founder of Desi Doll Company, which makes the dolls, as saying.

"I wanted my children to have more fun," she added.

The Muslim dolls costs 24.99 pounds.

In a bid to dominate ethnic market, the supermarket plans to launch an extensive new range of goods in the next few weeks, including an Asian range under the George Label, including saris, Salwar Kameez suits, jewellery and shawls.

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