Drinking Coke for 4 decades!

London, Feb 21: In a bizarre revelation, a Croatian man has admitted that he has drunk nothing but Coca-Cola for the last four decades, just because he promised his mom that he would not touch alcohol.

Ro Ajtman, 71, has revealed that his mother made him swear not to drink alcoholic beverages 40 years ago, and since then he has been surviving on Coke.

"My mum didn't like me drinking when I was a young man as she was very religious," the Telegraph quoted him as telling the Croatian tabloid 24 Sata.

He added: "She made me promise never to drink again and Coca-Cola was the only thing that tasted as good as wine so I started drinking that. Now I have a glass in the morning, before and after lunch, with my dinner and then before I go to bed. I never drink anything else."

Residing in the village of Karanac, near the city of Osijek, in eastern Croatia, the pensioner said that he was still not thinking about dumping his coke-drinking habit.

He said: "My mother isn't here to tell me not to drink any more but I'm not even tempted to quit coke for alcohol. Coke is my drug now, and I'll drink it till I die."

Also, he added that despite of his daily dose of Coke, he has not experienced any major health problems.

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