The 20 All-Time Greatest Photo Bombers

Here are 20 all-time favorite photo bombers.
The White Guy Bomber. Ruining photos in the bravest of fashions.
The Albino Bomber.
The Frat Guy Bomber. Letting dudes everywhere know which chicks are in the ugly sororities with one simple facial expression.
The Gay Acts Bombers. Tarnishing family photos one picturesque setting at a time.
The Bachelorette Party Bomber. Impersonating the lucky fiancee as best he can.
The BFF Bomber. Reminding female best friends they’ll hate each other soon enough.
The Valderamma Bomber. Letting Wilmer know what a douchebag he is one photo at a time.
The Thriller Bomber. Enhancing group photos with shirtless dance moves from the Thriller video.
The Pantless Window Bomber.
The Pantless Fountain Bomber. No relation to the window bomber.
The Pantless Pool Bomber. Still no relation.
The True Love Is Beautiful Bomber.
The Spring Break Bomber.
The Charlie’s Angels Bomber.
The Inanimate Object as My Dong Bomber.
The Ex-Boyfriend Bomber. Informing dudes everywhere what a whore his ex-girlfriend is.
The Creeptastic Bomber. Being creepy in the background of photos since 2003.
The Unabomber.
The Camo Bomber.
And the Mastur-Bomber. Wow.

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