When sex goes hilariously wrong

London, Mar 18 : While most people enjoy a healthy sex life, sometimes a good sex can go hilariously wrong.

In her new book 1001 Ridiculous Sexual Misadventures, Gina McKinnon, reveals some of the funniest tales.

An Edinburgh man was caught romping with a traffic cone claimed to be carrying out a piece of fringe theatre.

A pair of teenage lovebirds in the Czech Republic were run over by a tractor while making out in the hay, reports the Daily Star.

In 2001, the king of Swaziland fined himself a cow when he broke his own rule banning sex in his country.

A Kent couple were fined 250 pounds after being caught having sex in a fridge in a busy supermarket.
When the security guard asked what they were up to, the women relied chilling out.

A Taiwanese couple Lee Shin, 29, and Lin Gu, 25, were hospitalised when their car skid off a cliff-face during an extra-marital sexcapade in the back seat.

A French couple was caught on a mobile phone camera while making love in the lobby of a bank.

In another hilarious incident in 1986, a woman distracted staff of clothing stores in Salisbury by flashing her breasts while her accomplice robbed the place.

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