Most bizarre complaints made by Brit holidaymakers!

London, March 18 : Extremely white sand, too many fish in the sea, and the possibility that mosquitoes could bite are some of the most bizarre things that Brit holidaymakers have complained about in a new study.
Based on the research by The Association for British Travel Agents and Thomas Cook, a list of the 20 most absurd grievances received by tour operators was put together.

The list included one jealous vacationer moaning his friend’s three-bedroom apartment to be “clearly bigger” than his one-bedroom place, reports the Telegraph.

Another one was unhappy that it took Brits nine hours to fly back to England from Jamaica, while Americans could reach home in a mere three hours. former tourist was livid that the 3.50-pound pair of Ray Ban shades purchased from a street vendor turned out to fake.

A travel agent faced the heat from another holidaymaker for not telling him to take his swimming trunks to a water park, while another complained of not having received the warning that mosquitos could actually bite.
Another criticism included Spain being full of too many Spanish people, while restaurants in India were also not spared for serving too much curry

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