Presidential Slip-Up: President Obama Insults The Disabled!

In Photo: Then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and Jay Leno. Close enough to tonight's scene.

So I thought I'd be writing a very different story right about now. I thought I'd be writing about how I felt it was a little out of place for a President to go on a late night show, that it didn't do the office justice to joke around in that way and that President Obama was taking the title just a tad too lightly (at least in terms of PR).

To a large extent, that is still very true in this story. But I would never have thought that President Obama would have made such a slip-up as to insult the disabled!

Talking about White House bowling, the President admitted to improving his score, reaching a personal best of 129. "That's very good, Mr. President" said Jay Lenosarcastically (as many of you would have).

In an attempt to laugh at himself however, the President said it's "like the Special Olympics or something," thereby insulting the disabled. Now I have no problem with this kind of humor, we've all done it and its quite fine coming from a comedian that tries to push the boundaries. But the President has to be above it all.

The President has to be everyone's President and must be a unifying figure. That's where the man and the office find strength.  It may have been the first Presidential appearance on a late night show, but if it never happens again, this will be the reason why.

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