Chimp tries to rape female zookeeper in Russia!

LONDON - Russian police is investigating a lusty chimp, named Otello, after it tried to rape a female zookeeper.

Valentina Kirilova was trying to give the animal a banana at Rostov Zoo, but instead of taking the food Otello grabbed her hand.

After dragging her into the cage, the chimpanzee began to try to rape her, reports The Sun.

Valentina said of the attack: “I have spent a lot of time around the primates but I’d never imagined that a lonely chimpanzee could see me as a sex object.”

The ape broke the keeper’s wrist as he pulled her into his cage and began to attack her.

“When I tried to pass a banana to him, the chimpanzee grabbed my hand and pulled me into the cage and tried to rape me,” said Valentina.

She was only saved when her screams brought other keepers running.

One keeper said: “It’s a serious matter. If that had been a member of the public we would all be in court by now.”

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