Pair go one sex pose too far

Saucy position ... the deck chair
Saucy position ... the deck chair

A KINKY couple were rushed to hospital after getting trapped in a position from the Kama Sutra sex manual.

Horrified Ivan Sokolov, 56, found he was stuck fast when his wife Valentina 51, had a muscle spasm as they romped in a position known as the "deck chair".
After failing for an hour to free themselves the red-faced couple dialled paramedics in Kalhuga, central Russia, for help.
Docs could barely stop sniggering as the couple arrived at hospital still locked together in the position, rated only "moderately difficult" in the ancient India lovers’ guide.
“The man was so desperate to escape he eventually pulled himself free but his poor wife needed treatment for her spasm,” said one medic.
The couple had been given the book by a friend and had decided to try out some of the positions for the first time.
Deck chair - or Indrani as it’s traditionally called - involves the woman drawing up her knees so her feet are jammed under her partner’s armpits.
“You need quite a high level of fitness for some of these positions. An average middle aged couple like this would find a lot of them quite challenging,” said one expert.

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